Everyone loves enjoying a cool swim during hot weather. We all love just to get in there and let our worries float away. But sometimes, noisy pool pumps making humming noises can destroy our time to relax and meditate. Maybe your neighbours are complaining about the noise from your pool pump. Or you wish to build a pool but cannot seem to get to term with the noise that may emanate from the pool pump. Don’t worry; there are many ways to soundproofing your swimming pool pumps. These ways will help you have your swim come summer without worrying about the noise.

How to Quiet a Noisy Pool Pump

Pool pumps are essential to the pool, especially since no one would want to bathe in dirty water. The pump acts as a circulation mechanism that pumps the water through the filter, where it is purified from any unwanted germs and materials. The clean and safe water is then pumped back to the pool. However, although this filtration process is essential, it has disadvantages, a major one being noise pollution.

The pump can never be silent as it works. The noise can be controlled before it makes you detest your pool. Here are ways of soundproofing your swimming pool pumps to regain your enjoyment of the pool:

1. Reduce the Vibrations of your Pool Pump’s Motor

Scientifically, any vibrations are always accompanied by noise. At the base of your pump motor, some bolts hold the motor steady as it operates. When they become loose, they can make a lot of noise. To solve this problem, all you need to do is turn off the pump’s motor and tighten the bolts. If this doesn’t work, you may have to completely loosen the bolts and add some rubber padding between the bolts and the pump frame. After placing the insulation, screw the bolts back in.

2. Clean the Skimmer Basket Regularly

Many debris such as leaves, insects, branches, and litter can get into polls. The pool filter baskets or cleaners are placed in the pool to clear such materials so that you can avoid them while enjoying swimming. This debris clogs the pump impeller making it use extra force during filtering. The extra force then increases the levels of noise from the pump as it removes the debris. This blockage causes cavitation in the system. Cavitation is whereby the pump is not receiving enough water to pump. A loud grinding noise is then heard from the pump, or the pump halts completely.

To solve this, you can clean your ump cleaners or basket regularly. It’s advisable to clean the pump regularly, at least once a week. The frequency can be increased depending on how much debris falls on your pool. If you observe sufficient noise reduction, you can clean the basket twice every week.

3. Try Raising the Level of Water in the Pool

For the pump to work efficiently, water has to reach the openings on the skimming basket. This is how you can know if the water supply is sufficient. If less water reaches the pump, then cavitation occurs, and noise levels are increased. There’s a simple fix for this; just top up the water using a garden hose. Less water can also cause overheating of your pump.

4. Keep Your Impeller Clean

Leaves from trees and grass or lawns can make their way into the pool and consequently into your pool impeller. This will cause noise when the motor’s impellers are clogged. The clogging can also reduce your impeller’s life length or damage it ultimately. To solve this, turn your motor off. Then use a hook to clean the debris stuck on the impeller.

5. Replace the Bearings on the Pool Pump Motor

If nothing so far is working for you when soundproofing your swimming pool pumps, you may have to overhaul the motor’s bearings. These can be tricky to replace, and it’s best to have a professional do the work for you. This is because if you use the wrong bearings or you place the wrong bearings on the pump, you could do some pretty severe damage to your pump, or worse, wreck the pump.

Get Your Pump Soundproofed Before Summer

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